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Pantone Cotton Passport TCX

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Pantone Cotton Passport TCX

Pantone Passport contains 2625 textile colours that are dyed on cotton. Pantone Cotton Passport is a great and compact edition of the cotton system (TCX) from Pantone. This edition has an extremely user-friendly format where all 2625 colours are chromatically organised in the colour circle.

The Pantone colors are mounted in an easy transportable system, which means that you can fold all the sides out in a long row, so you can see all the colours at the same time. This is very usable when the colours are matched from a test purchase or when the exact shade must be found in the development process.

The passport is easy to carry. Its low weight makes it a perfect working tool for traveling, visiting the suppliers and for controlling the fabric colour in the stores.
Pantone Cotton Passport is organised in a leaf system, which gives you a good overview so that you can easily see and choose between all 2625 colours at the same time.

So, whether you are on the move or not, Pantone Cotton Passport is something for you.
Pantone is an international communication system for colors. The Pantone numbers are reliable.
Is your production on the other side of the earth you can easily use the Pantone colours.


If you would like a demonstration and a presentation of Pantone, the value and the possibilities in the Pantone systems, please feel free to contact us at tel.: 9711 8900 or mail: [email protected]

We always try to have a few Passports in stock and it is often shipped the same day the payment is received.