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Pantone Connect - Digital Platform (1-4 users)

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Pantone Connect
As low as €42.00

Pantone Connect is now the only way to access 15,000+ Pantone references

This price is the debt if you buy between 1-4 licenses / digital access to pantone Connect

Payment must be received via credit / debit card - then login will be sent!

Over 5,600 colors are missing from the Pantone Swatch libraries in Adobe Creative Cloud, including 826 Pantone Graphic Colors (PMS) and all the colors Fashion, Home + Interior (TCX)

No export required: Pantone Connect integrates seamlessly into Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

Colors are always up to date: No regular color synchronization is required

New features and integrations are added regularly to Connect


Pantone Connect is the unique and complete Pantone Digital Platform.

  • Hassle-free, time-saving extension for Adobe tools
  • Access to all Pantone colors and libraries, including FHI
  • Search quickly and filter through colors
  • Convert to a Pantone color from RGB / HEX / CMYK and L*a*b*
  • Palette creation, management and collaboration / sharing
  • Many more features to navigate and design with Pantone
  • Color Finder is now Pantone Connect!
  • More user-friendly in a fresh new look
  • Moodboard creation with multi-color extraction with ColorStory


Pantone Connect is the new common digital platform that gives you the power for the perfect color development.

10 million designers worldwide rely on Pantone for their color-critical decisions, and we now provide them with much easier and shorter workflows.

Pantone Connect is a platform that gives designers access to digital Pantone colors and useful color features across mobile, web and design applications in Adobe Creative Cloud.

All Pantone colors and all Pantone systems and libraries are included in Pantone Connect and help designers streamline their color choices, color communication and design process to improve accuracy and reduce time constraints and make workflows easier.



  • EUR 50 license Premium single seat
  • 5% discount on 5-19 licenses the first year
  • 10% discount on 20-34 licenses the first year
  • 15% discount on 35-49 licenses the first year

Contact us at: [email protected] for access to Premium multi-seats

If you have questions about Pantone Connect, you have to contact Pantone directly » [email protected]


The difference between Pantone Connect and Pantone Color Manager?

It is no longer possible to buy Pantone Color Manager, but Connect is the new common color platform in the future.

Through a single user account in Pantone Connect, you have the ability to use all colors and share them seamlessly from mobile device to web and Adobe® Creative Cloud® extensions.

There are many color navigation and color inspiration features in Pantone Connect that the Color Manager does not have.

Pantone's Color Manager is only recommended for users working with older versions of Adobe software (before 2019) as well as Quark Xpress and Corel Draw - and is not part of Pantone Connect.


I recently bought a Pantone fan / color system, so do I get free admission?

The latest Pantone systems or guides include a registration code that can redeem a free trial of Pantone Connect

All the graphic fans that contain the 294 colors released in 2019, as well as all FHI guides with the 315 new colors released in 2020, have valid registration codes.

Use your registration code when creating an account to redeem the free quote.

If you have purchased a Color Brigde, which contains both Coated and Uncoated, gives each guide free access for a period.


I see a color in my path, how do I find the Pantone reference the easiest?

Once you've found a color you like and paired it with the new smart Pantones Color Match Card, the Pantone Connect app can calibrate your mobile phone's camera to act as a color measurement tool.

All the colors you see on your way can be easily "captured" and then matched to the nearest Pantone reference, so you can use the color further in your design work.

Pantone Color Match cards are sold individually as 1st piece, or for the entire design department in a package of 25 pieces.


Always updated with color

  • Features make it easier, faster to work with Pantone
  • Helps bring physical color into the digital workflow
  • Available to everyone
  • Easy for teams to collaborate on color


What makes a platform easy?

  • Easy registration and easy login
  • The same user data is present wherever Pantone Connect is available
  • Helps bring physical color into the digital workflow
  • Same familiar interface, all over the world
  • Easy for teams to collaborate on a key color


Pantone Connect is compatible with:

Photoshop - version 20.0 and later *

InDesign - version 14.0 and later *

Illustrator - version 23.0 and later *

* Can also work with some previous versions


Contact us at: [email protected] for access to Premium multi-seats

If you have questions about Pantone Connect, you have to contact Pantone directly » [email protected]