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Pantone Color Match Card

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Pantone Color Match Card - get a clear message about what color you are looking at - never been easier!

Measure and capture colors on surfaces and materials, and match directly with your phone's camera and get clear information about the closest color from Pantone's color universe with your phone.

With the small size and ease of carrying a credit card, this unique solution makes matching inspirational colors to Pantone colors as easy as taking a regular photo.

The accuracy approaches the other more expensive color reading devices and solutions from Pantone. Use the Color Match Card with the Pantone Connect mobile app to capture a color and search for the best match, then save your chosen Pantone Color to a color palette for later design in the Pantone Connect extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.

See the list of compatible phones for a list of phone models compatible with the Color Match Card.

Save time on evaluating and choosing the best Pantone Color matches, with easy and simple use with the little card and your app on the phone.


Advantages of the Pantone Color Match Card:

  • Light and practical size - just to take with you in your purse
  • Can be used with Pantone Connect and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Accuracy close to more expensive Pantone color readers
  • Can measure and capture colors on surfaces and materials
  • Compatible with your phone's camera


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