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Pantone Chip Slip 10 Sheets

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Pantone chip Slip 10 sheets
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Pantone Chip Slip 10 sheets

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Pantone Chip Slip can hold 30 Pantone color chips and fits perfectly into the ring binder from Pantone. In this way, you can keep your colour samples perfectly organised. The sheets are in white vinyl and have 30 clear pockets, which are organised in six rows.

These Clip Slip sheets, that are made for sorting colours from Pantone, were designed by Jesse Reed and are an indispensable tool, if you have a lot of chips from Pantone. They are very comfortable to use, and they are used by many designers.
Use all your Pantone Chip books and fill them up with the Clip Slip sheets and experience the great overview of the many colour charts.

Before Chip Slip, you may have noticed as a designer, that the chips easily got messy or thrown out because of the small sizes. Now, it is easy to organise all the colors from Pantone at once, so you can keep the Pantone Chips for future use. Previously, the most common solution was to keep the chips in envelopes, which is quite ineffective.

Save both time, money and effort and use this Chip Slip.

Designer: Jesse Reed

Size: 5.75 x 9.25 “/ 146 x 235 mm

Pages: 10 sheets

Publication: 2017

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