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Pantone CapSure - Colour Measuring Tool

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Pantone CapSure – Colour Measuring Tool

CapSure from Pantone makes it possible to measure colours on all types of surfaces. As something new, it is also possible to measure multi-colours and textiles that are printed with a CapSure.

The colour is quickly and easily converted to the nearest Pantone color. CapSure is a little hand-held unit with a 1,75” screen. CapSure illuminates the surface from three different angles simultaneously and then takes 27 colour accurate pictures in 1.5 second.

CapSure can store up to 100 colours and it is possible to record notes for each colour, so it always is easy to find a colour. CapSure is an important tool for designers and purchasers within fashion, textiles, interior and graphic production.

CapSure is easy to use and because of its small size and weight, it is an ideal tool for travelling and trade shows.


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