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NCS Exterior 84 Fandeck

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With this new fan deck from NCS, you get the most popular colors suitable for outdoor environments. A precise color collection that simplifies the decision-making process, with 84 carefully selected colors that provide minimal visual color change from the small color sample to the large surface.

The Exterior Color Guide has been developed by NCS color experts with consideration for color appearance in various outdoor lighting conditions, combined with extensive market research. Featuring the most popular and best-suited colors for exterior environments, inspired by modern Nordic architecture.

The NCS fan deck is divided into small chapters, making it easy for you to find the right color scale. It is also delightfully robust with a good laminated surface. Color samples are at NCS Quality Level 1.


  • Clouds: White and gray colors
  • Fields: Beige and yellow colors
  • Earth: Brown colors
  • Clay: Peach and brown colors
  • Minerals: Pink and purple colors
  • Sky: Blue colors
  • Grass: Green colors

Instructions for easy color navigation using NCS.

The fan deck measures: W 5.2 x L 15.5 x H 4.2 cm