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Meta Trend Milano Colors & Prints AW 22/23

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Meta Trend Milano Colors & Prints AW 22/23

Meta Trend Milano Colors & Prints FW 2022/23.

It is a more hands-on guide specifically for color and print design.

Clients of this book have no gender distinction in their practice and it is intended for

medium and high profile clients. working in between fashion, prints and accessories as

well as packaging, interior design and cosmetics.

It includes 6 themes with description and keywords.

Each theme is developed as following:

  • 1 color chart with 6 colors.
  • 5 multiple variants with color indication in proportion.
  • 3 color variants with indication of design representation, input of images, prints, shapes
  • and textures.


Attached to this book includes:

Summary leaflet of the 6 themes (including colors)

Color charts of 36 key colors and 32 pantone tpg encoded colors, to be cut out

General summary chart of the 55 colors

USB key containing all the images in the book, 120 images in jpg.

It is hand bound and hand finished.

Each cover is different and unique


Price per copy € 1,200.00 + VAT
Subscription discount -10%
combi pack with "Collection" Book -10% discount.

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