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The book "Collection" SS 24

It is a project for the "Textile" with indications of the furure material surfaces, the types of fabrics, processing techniques, finishing and yarns.


META TREND MILANO is a transversal tool for textile, design and makeup companies.

The trend book Meta Trend Milano Collection Spring/Summer 2024 is targeted at companies that produce textiles, prints and accessories for fashion brands operating in the luxury sector.

The Trendbook contains important information on trends, lines, shapes, inspirations, color combinations, techniques and prints

These are divided into moods with an indication of colors and multiple combinations.

It is an ephemeral, flexible and fluid book, as well as concrete and future oriented.

It is not strictly linked to a type of product, it is transversal and free for a multidimensional interpretation.

Our customers for this book are companies that produce fabrics, prints and accessories for

Fashion Brands operating in the luxury sector as well as Designers who work with interior

design companies, fabrics and products for the home, upholstery and wallpaper.


Payment must be received for the book to be shipped.


This Meta Trend trendbook includes:

  • 6 key theme of inspiration (key directions)
  • 6 color charts and 22 multiple combinations.
  • 68 types of materials and fabric into being.
  • 45 Pantone TPG colors with references
  • It is hand bound and hand finished and a limited edition.