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Greenery 2022 - Plant trend report

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Greenery 2022 – Plante trendrapport
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Greenery 2022 - Plant trend report is released

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We have listened to the plant people who want a physical trend report!

The report now costs EUR 70 - and we wil send the physical printet report to you.


2022 offers consumers who are a bit divided.

There are those who need peace and space around them, where there must not be too many things and too much time in it plant-wise. There are also those who crave party, colors and walking in it. Both for spring and summer as well as autumn and winter, we see opportunities for both parties. Christmas is a combination where there is room for both that role, but also the festive input.


The outdoors has become an existential part of many people's lives during Corona and this continues as being and important companion to achieve harmony in life. Therefore, we will find that many people still want to dive into nature and experience what nature can provide, quite literally. Gathering has become a hobby for many - being able to go out into nature and find what our ancestors also lived on is of increasing interest. And in general, it is to find alternative "ingredients" and to use what one can find an increasing luxury for many consumers. It also means that plants and flowers are often seen being put together in marvelous ways that result in creative solutions.


Flowers & Plant Trends 2022:

A number of interior and trend experts have prepared trend material for 2022 with a focus on plants, flowers, colors, styling and interiors.

Contains 4 trend themes for 2022 + 1 Christmas theme.

For all 5 themes, there is an indication of colors with Pantone references, plant and flower names, as well as suggestions for styling. The trend material is on 50+ pages