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Magazine Feel The Yarn AW 22/23 - Issue 6

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MagazineFeel The Yarn-Issue 6

The new trend magazine about knitwear and yarn is out!

Feel the Yarn - Issue 06 A/W 2022.2023 - Fluid

The magazine was made on the basis of a desire to talk more about knitting with a focus right down to the yarn details. After looking at the entire publishing market, Zoom on Fashion Trends realized that there was no magazine that puts yarn at the heart of the extraordinary development of knitwear in the last 10 years.

The images and descriptions behind inspiration for creators of knitwear are placed next to yarns, clothes and garments that provide the best visual representation of the chosen themes to show the reality around us and what will sum up our daily lives in the future.

A new and inspiring angle to look at yarn and its ability in a new way, to interpret our mood and our passion.


Contents of the magazine:

Season AW 22/23 trends and colors divided into 4 themes:

  • Evolving Shapes
  • Mystic Body
  • Multiple Identity
  • Osmotic Balance

The magazine inspires to improve and develop new collections.

Filled with inspirational images, and beautiful positive colors all in Pantone references.

170 pages of trend inspiration for new textiles and fashion colors for A / W 2022 - 2023


Floating as a state of mind.

Liquid as the capacity to adapt, change or transform. Change shape, find new shapes, change from one dimension to another, avoid narrowing and obstruction. Floating as a constant process of change, as a springboard to tackle confusion and instability, adapt, not stick to fixed models, but seek stability in the continuous ability to transform and constantly create new and volatile forms. Floating as an instrument of freedom, as a gateway to the new and the unexplored. Liquid as the harmonious movement of the body. Finally, knitting is inherently fluid, not so much for its tactile, sleek, smooth, soft feel, but for its primary ability to be shaped and elongated or contracted.