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ColoRush AW 25/26

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ColoRush AW 25/26

In this Trend Book, we introduce to you a collection of over 50 beautiful trend colors, grouped by different color palettes to represent a thorough overview of the color direction for the season. The nine colors in each palette lend themselves to a specific theme and tell a story about the type/theme of the season.

In each presentation of each theme, there are two posts with combination suggestions accompanied by photos and illustrations that illustrate the concept and mood. One often offers a brighter and the other a more muted interpretation. Additional breakdowns allow you to see how specific colors can be combined in a variety of views to suit your needs. Some of the images (photography and/or artwork) on the mood pages may be recolored - with the sole intention of emphasizing the color palette.

Additionally, you'll find a secondary palette that displays all the colors used in this color report, organized by color family. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the full range of colors used, from reds and yellows across the spectrum to blues and violets.

This is followed by our Swatch and mix of colors. They show additional combinations and groupings of colors - drawn from all themes - which demonstrate the flexibility and versatility of the colors in this book.

In addition, we have provided you with the color palettes for each theme suitable for import into Adobe® Illustrator, Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe ® InDesign.

Highlights of ColoRush AW 25/26:

  • Available 24 months before the season
  • 6 themes with 9 basic colors each
  • Introduction to seasonal themes
  • Inspirational photos and illustrations
  • Graphic motifs, all-over print, logos and buttons
  • Cross color mixing using the colors from all trending themes
  • General color chart with 50 trend colors
  • Color harmonies in realistic atmospheres
  • Access to download the digital color data for quick import into Adobe Photoshop ®, Adobe Illustrator ® and Adobe InDesign®