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pej toolbox is released in May and November – 12 months before the season.

pej toolbox is the ultimate trend product and tool for companies that work with trends, collections and product development. This trendbook is pej gruppen’s most comprehensive trend product and contains carefully selected trends and colors as well as lots of product inspiration for the lifestyle industries.

With pej toolbox, you will get all the most important information from the season within the fashion and interior industry. pej toolbox is an optimal communication tool for everyone who needs inspiration for incorporating and/or communicating trends, colors, histories, materials etc. pej toolbox is often used across departments in the companies to ensure that both the designers, purchasers, sales and marketing people are speaking the same language.

With pej toolbox you can deliver designs with the right expression and history, which reflects future demands from product to packaging and marketing. Therefore, pej toolbox is relevant for everyone who works with women’s fashion, men’s fashion, kids’ fashion, sport, lingerie, furnishing fabrics, interior, paint, gifts, packaging, graphics etc., and want to offer the right products in the right colors at the right time.

The exceptional thing about pej toolbox is the carefully selected product inspiration for each trend theme. pej gruppen’s trend team have analysed the development of the society and collected and thoroughly sorted the most important trends and tendencies of the season within women’s fashion, men’s fashion, children’s fashion, interior, furniture, lighting, architecture, art, retail, merchandising, packaging and marketing.

In pej toolbox, you will get four trend themes with 10-12 colours together with inspiration for each trend theme. You can take out all the colors and pages and work creatively with the specific colours, words and pictures that match your target group and design development.

Besides the color chart, which is created from a thorough research of the global development of the society and colour data from more than 80 seasons, customised to the Scandinavian lifestyle industries and consumers, you will also get the colour development from three seasons, colour combinations and color importance for the fashion and interior industry. Furthermore, you will get specific recommendations for important material surfaces, structures, effects and qualities in each trend theme.

By using pej toolbox as an interdisciplinary tool, you can make sure that everyone in the company speak the same language when it comes to developing and communicating successful products to the consumers in the future.

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