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Interested in learning about future food trends to plan your strategy and stay ahead of the pack? Then pej foodbox is the trend product for you!


Based on pej gruppen’s 45+ years of experience in the trend forecasting business, our trend experts have joined forces with food experts and created pej foodbox.

pej foodbox is released annually prior to the food conference ‘Food + Consumer Trends’ and covers future food trends for the three-year period ahead.


Aimed at professionals in the food industry, pej foodbox is a unique trend product and must-have tool for creatives in a variety of fields within the food industry such as food producers, retail chains, restaurants, hotels as well as companies working with communication and packaging.


pej foodbox contains practical and commercial inspiration and the trend product can be utilised as a communicative tool as well as a tool for product development, discussions, and strategic planning within your company. Focusing on future food trends, the trend content provided in pej foodbox is easily adaptable which allows you to incorporate the trends into both your overall strategy as well as into your daily routines.


Each year, pej gruppen selects a must-read book relevant to the food industry which is included in your pej foodbox. Additionally, you also get a copy of the newest edition of the food magazine, Food Mag, and a vast selection of trend reports (20+) by leading food experts relevant to professionals in the food industry.

A USB with a digital collection of all the presentations, videos, and music and more from the food conference is also included in pej foodbox. Dive into all the amazing trend content from the ‘Food + Consumer Trends’ full-day conference and get all the relevant knowledge about the food trends of the future even if you did not participate in the conference.

All in all, pej foodbox will help you navigate the future of food and future-proof your business with clear trend directions.


Explore lots of new knowledge and relevant subjects such as sustainability, consumer behaviour and commercial food trends, and find inspiration that will help you intrigue your customers and help you create food experiences and unique products that will have your customers drooling.