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pej first colour

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pej first colour is released in February and August – 24 months before the season.

pej first colour is the only trend product in the lifestyle industries that predicts the colours of the coming season at such an early stage. This trend book will be published in a very limited edition. Therefore, it is a good idea to pre-order pej first colour, as it is a very popular trendbook that usually is sold out within a very short period.

pej first colour is based on a thorough research of the development of the society, color data from more than 80 seasons and expectations regarding the future. pej gruppen’s trend team seek to find the patterns and contexts and predict the expected key colours that the consumers will demand in 24 months.

In pej first colour, you will get 8 color themes with 6-7 colours in each colour theme. You will therefore get 50-60 colours in total. It is possible to remove the colour samples in the trend book and make your own color combinations and charts across the themes. In this way, you can play with and select the colours that you think will match you target group and design development.

Because pej first colour is released in a very limited edition, it gives you the opportunity to create something unique before everyone else.

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