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We are extremely happy to invite you into our new digital universe - 

With more than 40 years in the business of trend forecasting and publishing trend books, the digital universe was the most natural next step - and 2020 gave us the needed focus to make it happen.

Reflecting on the past decade of progress made in digitizing trends, while honoring the tactility of the physical trend books, is very enlightening. The trend business is very different today than in the 80’s and 90’s, but the essence is still the same: making decisions easier for creatives in the lifestyle industries!

The ultimate goal for us is to link the tactile trend books and the digital content in a seamless and userfriendly way and to make sure that each part of the trend experience – being the book or the site – lives up to its full potential.


 › How do you get access to

Subscribers to the trend books 'pej colour' and 'pej toolbox' now automatically have access to our online trend universe and hence the extra digital trend inspiration provided online. The books and the site are sold as a 'combo set', i.e. you can only get access online if you subscribe to the books.


 › What is available at

The site has all of the content from the books as individual images in a searchable image library + 500 extra images, colours, cases, videos, music, and much more. The site is an extension of the books and will be the 'go to site' for trend inspiration between book releases.


 › What is pej trend?

pej trend is a set of exclusive Scandinavian trend books and an online platform embracing all lifestyle businesses. pej trend covers both design, lifestyle, fashion and interior and is a suitable work tool for both development, design, purchasing, sales and marketing.


 › Why is pej trend relevant?

pej trend is a commercial Scandinavian trend forecasting service that clears away the clutter, makes creative decisions easier and increases your chances of success.


Get access to curated trends, colours, images and stories for the new season (Before everyone else)