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Men's fashion

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Men's fashion is a constantly evolving industry that empowers men to express their unique personalities through clothing, accessories, and style. Here you will find lots of inspiration for your next collection- or product development through trend books, trend magazines, coloring books or print books.

If you need new inspiration or commercial tools in the process of your product development or collection development within the men’s fashion industry, trendstore has various suggestions. You will find the latest trends in men's fashion including colors, prints, materials, trends, inspiration images, patterns, designs and accessories.

Here at pej gruppen, we have carefully selected the latest trend magazines and trend books for you, so that you can easily find inspiration and concrete work tools within the fashion industry. In some of our fashion books, color systems with Pantone® references will be found, so that you can easily and precisely work with each individual color in your styles. The fantastic color system from Pantone® can be purchased here at pej gruppen in the form of swatch cards, fans and much more.

Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or simply looking to update your wardrobe, here you will find commercial and concrete tools, sketches, inspiration and more for the development of sweaters, tops, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers, jeans, shoes, bags, belts, knitwear, lingerie, swimwear, formal wear, outerwear and much more for women’s fashion.

Get inspired by the latest trend books, color books, print books and trend magazines from Pantone®, pej trend, ColoRush, Style Right, Promostyl, Satelittle, Next Look, Trend Union, Trend Bible, minicool and many more, so you can offer the best up-to-date product or collection for men’s clothing.