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Interior design

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If you are in the interior or furniture industry and are looking for inspiration or work tools for developing interiors, furniture, home furnishings, shop design and the use of plants in your interior and home, then you have landed on the right page. Here you will find everything you need when it comes to interior design, whether you are looking for the latest trend books, trend magazines, print books, colouring books or hardcover books. At our trendstore you can quickly, easily and safely find fantastic work tools for the product development of your interior designs.

pej gruppen has carefully selected trend books and trend magazines, so that you always have access to the latest trends, trends, colours, inspiration images, patterns, prints, design, materials and digital download  material. Find, among other things, the latest trend books, colour books and trend magazines for interior trends and tendencies from pej trend, Pantone®, ColoRush, Color Essence, Next Look, Trend Union, Trend Bible and many more.

If you work with shop design and furniture and want inspiration to create a creative and innovative workplace design or showroom, you can also find books for this. Also find inspiration and tools for interior design and styling the home. Get inspired for your home decor in our home decor, plant, and flower books, all of which are available in different price ranges. These hardcover books and trend books can both be used for your product development or as inspiration material but are also great to have standing in your private home as a beautiful coffee table book.

In some of the interior design books, you will find colour systems with reference to Pantone®, so that you can easily and precisely work with the desired colour for your interior development. In this way, you ensure better communication between you and your supplier, but also between the departments in your company, as each colour is labeled with a Pantone® number.