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Bloom No. 24 Earth matters

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Bloom nr 24 Earth matters

 Bloom No. 24 – EARTH MATTERS

This century brings out a moment of reflection and radical changes, that represent a century of abuse, greediness and violence.

For the first time a society arises, that gives the humanity some hope and belief in the future. A resetting of attitudes and mentalities in the directions of having respect for the earth and each other. Therefore, this magazine will take inspiration from the earth and try giving its beauty and strength back, re-establish self-respect and reflect over the huge gift, that this planet was, and still is for us humans. A flood of ideas will sprout from earth, analyze all articles and components and changes from textiles and earthbounded colours.

This edition of Bloom will make a study of craftsmen and artists, visit farms and look at new ingredients such as banana fibers and old recipes, such as paper and felt. Bloom will continue to encourage new ways of handling sustainability and respect for our planet.
Our nature will be rewritten and reinvented. We will try to live together in a more harmonious way, give and take and take care of and be available for each other.

A more intimately and intuitive relation will be the result bases on primitive feelings, old rituals, archaic systems and rediscover animism are all something you will experience, when reading with this magazine.

The trend magazine from Li Edelkoort contains 272 pages.


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