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Trend Union Animism Fashion Forecast

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Animism Fashion Forecast

Trend Union Animism II fashion forecast

This trend book was created by the renowned trend researcher Li Edelkoort, who is behind the company Trend Union. The trend book provides insights into future fashion trends and fashion colors.

This trend tool for the fashion industry analyzes the development of consumer behavior and aims at precise choices that become the object composed of energy. Experience in the trend book Animism II a number of seasonal design concepts, where fashion is disconnected from trends and marketing and looking for an alternative, deeper meaning. Included in the book are material references and color harmonies in beautiful moodboards. The fashion industry will be turbulent in the future, textiles will be overtaken, boiled, assembled and coated, and the style will be and will be independent with the store returning to styling. We have a lot to learn from outside designers, innovative colors, street combination and fluid practices that mix all genders, ages and races along with particular reverence for the original expression.

This trend book is popular with many trend-setting design companies, as it offers artistic and abstract inspiration - in a beautiful and timeless design.

This trend book is aimed at designers, developers and fashion people in the fashion and lifestyle industries and provides a nice overview of the predicted trends, and has a clean style throughout the design.