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Style Right is a German trend forecasting agency that specializes in fashion and design. Their trend books, also known as "Style Right Books," provide insights into emerging trends in fashion and design for the upcoming seasons.

Style Right is a trend tool for developing women’s, men’s, kids, baby’s, sports, clothing collections, designs and prints. Style Right trend books are a valuable resource for designers, manufacturers, and retailers who want to stay ahead of the curve in the fashion and design industries. They provide inspiration and guidance for product development and inform buying decisions. The books also offer a global perspective on fashion and design trends, as they showcase the latest trends from around the world.

Each Style Right Book covers a specific season and is divided into several categories, such as color, material, pattern, and silhouette. The books include high-quality images, graphics, and illustrations that showcase the latest trends in fashion and design. They also feature detailed descriptions of each trend, including its origins, influences, and key features. The book's styles and prints are without copyright and can therefore be used freely.

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