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Next look trendbooks and trend magazines are essential resources for professionals in the fashion and design industries. These publications provide insights into emerging trends, colors, patterns, and styles that are likely to be popular in the upcoming spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons.

Next look trendbooks are published by the German company, Mode Information. They are released twice a year and cover trends for the upcoming two seasons. The books are divided into different themes or categories such as streetwear, casual, or formal, and include mood boards, color palettes, fabric swatches, and design inspiration. Next look trendbooks are used by designers, buyers, and manufacturers to guide their product development and inform their buying decisions.

Trend magazines, on the other hand, are publications that cover trends across various industries such as fashion, beauty, design, and lifestyle. These magazines are often aimed at a wider audience and provide a broader perspective on trends and cultural shifts. They may include articles on celebrity style, interviews with designers, and features on emerging artists or brands. Both trendbooks and trend magazines are important resources for professionals in the fashion and design industries. They help designers stay current with emerging trends and provide inspiration for their collections. Buyers use trendbooks and magazines to inform their purchasing decisions, while manufacturers use them to ensure that their products are on-trend and meet the demands of the market.

The trend book and trend magazine are published twice a year. (AW in March and SS in August) With a subscription, you receive your magazine immediately as soon as it is published - directly in your mailbox.

Contact pej gruppen at [email protected] if you have any questions about the trend magazine's publications or the subscription.