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Abby Lichtman Print Studio

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Abby Lichtman is a print studio that offers a large selection of print designs, inspired by contemporary art, for the clothing and interior industry.

Abby Lichtman sees a lot of value in irregularities, so their work starts with the handmade mark. “Everything is experimental with us,” says Abby, who founded the company in 2012. The artistic team makes 50 to 75 prints a week, producing a unique vision in each pattern. All her prints and patterns are unique and, exclusively, made by hand. This means that when you buy a print from Abby Lichtman, you get the rights to it and therefore only you and your company can use this print for your upcoming collection. The print comes with an associated Photoshop file – just ready to use or edit.

Abby Lichtman's prints cannot be purchased on this page. We refer instead to: where you can read more. This page therefore only shows a selection of the available prints. pej gruppen has made an extraordinary collaboration with Abby Lichtman, which right now gives you the opportunity to get a discount on your purchase with the discount code: PEJ575 (the discount is deducted from this product). Please note that in order to complete a purchase, you must create a user on Abby Lichtman's website. However, this is quite free.