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Pantone cotton strips 5 pcs. TCX

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210 new Pantone Cotton Strips

Pantone Cotton Strips 5 pcs. TCX

Here, you will get 210 colour strips in cotton from the latest cotton colours from Pantone Fashion, Home + Interior. The colours strips are gathered on five rings so they are easy to bring on the go.
The five rings are organised with focus on user-friendliness, an overview and an easy access to the necessary colour.

  • The colour samples measures 2,5 x 13 cm
  • Arranged on five rings in a chromatic order
  • Double coated cotton fabric
  • Marked with Pantone references

Cotton is the designers favored choice, because it is a both stabile and versatile material. The good quality of the cotton ensures a reliable colour standard across material applications.

The cotton samples are used for textiles, clothing, interior products and soft materials such as bed linen.

Pantone Cotton Strips are used in the entire value chain from colour choice to the production.

The delivery time on this product mayvary. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at tel.: +45 9711 8900.

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